Experience park in Haapamäki

Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park is an experience park where you can get to know Haapamäki's railway history and steam locomotives. We also provide a wide range of services for the whole family.

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The adventure park features real steam locomotives and a wagon show. We have Finland's longest park railway and the Little Huru locomotive operates every day during the summer. The children can also enjoy the playground and the animals in the park.

Our services

Our comprehensive range of services includes various opportunities to explore steam locomotives and railway history. Our park train operates daily on a 500-meter loop, driven by Pikku-Huru. For groups we organize draisine tours on request.

There are also many other things to do to keep the whole family happy.

  • 7 hectares of steam locomotives and trains
  • Exhibition of an evacuation wagon and its props
  • Guided tours of railway roundhouses and railroad villages
  • Rides on the Little Huru locomotive on Finland's longest miniature railway
  • Draisine tours for groups
  • Children's own playground and animals

Steam locomotives

Twelve different types of steam locomotive can be seen in the steam locomotive park. Four of our steam locomotives are over a hundred years old. Here are some of our steam locomotives (Year in brackets):

Tk2-419 (1904)
Wilson 618 (1917)
Jumbo 609 (1917)
Ukko-Pekka 1010 (1949)

One of our steam locomotives is a split locomotive that demonstrates how a steam locomotive works. This heavy-duty Hr1 (nicknamed Ukko-Pekka) manufactured at the Lokomo engineering workshop in Tampere in 1939 has the production line number 1003. The color identifiers point out spectacularly the functional parts of the great steam engine. In an article in Resiina magazine, the old henchmen of the industry are getting to know the heart and soul of Ukko-Pekka.

Price list

Entrance fees


13 €

Pensioners and students

11 €

Children (4–16)

8 €

Family ticket(2+2)

35 €

Adult groups (min. 16 pax)

9 €

Child groups

6 €

Park train

2 € 

Draisine tours for groups

Information +358400467571

The two-hour excursion (18 km) between Haapamäki-Yltiä and Haapamäki includes coffee on the way. 

A guided park tour with the steam locomotive tour is included in group rates. Our guides are happy to guide and advise individual clients as well.

Check out our accommodation in our caravan area!

Don’t forget the opportunity to stay in our caravan area during your visit to Haapamäki Experience Park. You can camp at our campsite. We have spots for campers and caravans. 

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