Campsite in Haapamäki

At our campsite in Haapamäki you can book a place for your caravan or tent. We also provide train carriage rooms and a Boxelo.

The campsite and train carriage rooms are available in the summer season. The Boxelo is available throughout the year.

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Accommodation in the caravan zone

We offer various types of accommodation in Haapamäki, Keuruu. Our campsite has spots for caravans, tents and cars. There is also a sauna. The campsite is open from 1.5 to 30.9.2020.

You can also stay in one of the spacious train carriages for 1 to 4 people. The train carriages are decorated with Matti Kassila's film history. When staying in a train carriage you can use the facilities of the caravan area. The carriages have a refrigerator and a small heater. Bed linen and a towel are included. The train carriage accommodation is available from May 1 to September 30, 2020. The price of the train carriage salon is 27 €/person/day.

In addition, you can stay in a Boxelo, a mini-apartment equipped with a fridge, sink, hot plate, toilet and shower. Bed linen and a towel are included. Boxelo is available all year round.



  • Caravan

    17 € / day (SFC 16 € / day) + 3 € / person / day

    Electricity included

  • Tent

    8 € / day (SFC 6 € / day)

    + 3 € / person / day

  • Car

    8 € / day + 3 € / person / day

    Electricity included

  • Self-service sauna

    10 € / hour 27 € / person / day

  • Carriage salon

    27 € /person/day

  • Boxelo

    50 € / person / day or 80 € / 2 persons / day

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Our caravan area is located on the premises of the Steam Locomotive Park in Haapamäki. While staying with us you can easily get to know the steam locomotives and the history of rail transportation. Our diverse range of services also offers a variety of other activities for the whole family: a play area and animals, ATV riding, parties and concerts – all kinds of activities for a great summer together!

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