The world's largest steam locomotive park in Haapamäki

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Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park was established in 1988 in Keuruu, Haapamäki. There are 12 different types of steam locomotives in the park, including the locomotive of the President, of Arvo Ylpö, locomotive of the Kuurila accident and split up Ukko-Pekka. In addition, the last and only remaining units of five different types of locomotives are on display.

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Mon-Fri 10:00-16:00
Sat 10:00-01:00
Sun 10:00-14:00

Over hundred years of railroad nostalgia!

Some of the reasons to visit our park:

Höyryjuna pysähtymässä asemalla.

1. The world's largest steam locomotive park

We are the world's largest steam locomotive park. There are twelve different types of steam locomotives, including a split steam locomotive. We provide railroad nostalgia for the past 100 years!

Höyryjuna lähdössä liikkeelle.

2. The most diverse caravan park in Finland

When staying with us you will be staying in a unique environment. You can combine a visit to the steam locomotive park with a memorable night or a two.

Höyryjuna kulkee metsämaiseman läpi.

3. A unique experience

As a whole, the Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park creates an experience for you and your
family that is sure to be remembered. At our park, you will find services, programs and accommodation that are suitable for the whole family.

ATVs in the park


You will get to experience Haapamäki's railroad history, the wagon show and the train tour. For children there is a varied play area, animals and the longest park railway in Finland. The Little Huru locomotive operates every day during the summer. You can also learn how to drive ATVs.

There is also a Keuruu confectionery souvenier and factory shop on the premises. Next door you can find the Haapamäki Museum of Locomotive Association.

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A campervan by a lake


In our caravan area you will have a comfortable stay. You can book a place for your caravan or tent. The campsite has a sauna and other amenities.

We also offer an unforgettable overnight experience in the spacious train carriage rooms. There is also a special Boxelo module apartment. The campsite and train carriage rooms are available in the summer season. The  Boxelo are available throughout the year.

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Information about the steam locomotive park

Our steam locomotive park covers an area of seven hectares with a variety of equipment on display. In the park you can explore twelve different types of steam locomotives. Four of our steam locomotives are over a hundred years old. The locomotives include specialties such as the President’s locomotive the Kuurila accident locomotive. Also on display is a split Ukko-Pekka locomotive. Many locomotives on display are the last remaining units.

In addition to steam locomotives, we also offer a range of services such as a play area for children, animals, a miniature railway, a wagon show and the longest park railway in Finland. At our caravan park you will be staying in a unique and memorable environment.

Our steam locomotive park in Haapamäki, Keuruu, will be open from May 1st to September 30th, 2020. For groups we are open on request also at other times. It is worthwhile to inquire about spots in our caravan area at other times as well. You can contact us by phone or email. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

Popular parties on Saturdays

We host popular music events on Saturdays at our steam locomotive park!

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Check out our photo gallery for more information on the steam locomotive park and our steam locomotives!